Amelia Burns was born in Ithaca, NY.  She grew up surrounded by singers dancers, music, actors, and writers. Bursting with creativity, Amelia set her sights quickly to drawing and collage. She always knew she would end up in the arts, and at 18 attended Pratt institute for photography. Amelia began taking photos at a fine art summer camp when she was twelve. Since then she has remained shooting, unable to stop herself. Talented in several areas, Amelia chose photography as it was what she was most compelled to do at the time and has not stopped since. Amelia graduated with her BFA from Prattand went on to explore the world of street photography and and fine art. A prolific talent, Amelia captures the spirit and transcendence of humanity with her keen eye, while also including humility and the humor of life in all her photos. She specializes in fine art portrait and street photography. In 2016, Amelia self published her first book,  “Everything Belongs”,  a book of street portraits of “homeless” people throughout the US that was taken over a three year period. Amelia lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.