Each celebrity, professional or family group is unique, but the goal is always the same: to bring the client’s spirit to life. Always sensitive to the client’s vision, Burns intuitively uses light, ambience and energy to capture their beauty and manifest their visual goals for the photo shoot.

Burns brings a background in street photography and artistry to the table which creates a one of a kind perspective and high quality photographs.

She connects with her subjects on a deep level, creating visual portraits truly reflective of who they are.  

Special Occasions

For over a decade, Amelia Burns Photography has been shooting live events throughout the United States.  Whether an intimate cocktail reception, a wedding or a large musical event, she delivers high volume at the best quality for her clients.  Burns has become an expert partner for elite local clubs such as The Wilshire Country Club, to capture their special occasions.  Her success in capturing her client’s vision for their cherished events (i.e. weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays etc.), has led to lifetime client relationships.  For more information about wedding, please refer to wedding page.


Amelia Burns is a Fine Artist to her core.  She is always working passionately on photography series.  While the focus varies, she has a portfolio which currently includes Street Portraits and Urban Landscapes.  A published author in her own right, she has published work in magazines and is collecting photography for her next large photo book.  Burns is available for photo shoots or photo series work for corporate or private clients.