Born in Ithaca NY, Amelia’s work focuses on contemporary Americana, documenting the culture of our present time. Making photographs in nearly every US state, her work speaks to solitude, pain, joy, humor, beauty, and the natural world. The first issue of her zine, Natureland, was released in 2020. Amelia earned her BFA with emphasis in photography from Pratt Institute and is currently pursuing graduate study in the Photography Department at Cranbrook Academy of Art. She will graduate in 2023.

I am a collector at my core, and I compulsively photograph to collect. I am drawn to spirituality, nature, beauty, humor, pain, objects, and humanity. I look for wonderful oddness. After making massive amounts of photos, I then sort through them. I look for connections between my photos to tell stories about our culture and lives. My goal is cultural commentary through visual poetry. 

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